Spraining your ankle in the USA vs. spraining your ankle in Finland

Someone goes down at the net, grabbing her ankle.

USA: Everybody kind of freezes up, wondering how bad it is, and some people hover over the injured player, not sure what to say.
Finland: Everybody immediately springs into action, rushing to the injured player.

USA: “Everybody back up and give her some space”
Finland: One person holds her hand, one person holds up the injured leg while another quickly unties her shoe and takes it off, and somebody on the bench grabs an ice pack from the first aid kit and runs onto the court (I’m telling you, they had her ankle elevated with ice in less than 45 seconds, during a match…I was amazed).

USA: “Can you walk?” Somebody helps her to her feet, and helps her limp off the court to get checked out.
Finland: 3 people hoist her up, keeping her foot elevated and iced, and set her on the sidelines with her foot up on the bench. Someone else goes to get crutches.

I know, I’m getting crazy with two posts in one day…but after seeing two sprained ankles in one week, I had to share! 🙂 The coordinated, immediate response from the players was awesome.


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